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safe1614832 edit123014 edited screencap59209 screencap210663 lord tirek5133 queen chrysalis33377 the ending of the end2912 caption20127 chrysirek52 disgusted1110 female1285447 holding hands2462 image macro36307 male343571 meta16223 realization215 shipping188234 straight127759 text53528


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Frost Giant
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

cold and cruel
@Background Pony #6E15
At least that ship holds some basis in reality, albeit their entire love story happened in the background of an even larger scheme of things, but chrysalis and tirek only seem to get along under the pretense that they have a mutual enemy. The moment they no longer need each other, their loyalty will ultimately fail for no other reason than ruthless ambition.