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Dakimakura / Body Pillows from Sky Railroad!

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safe1614848 artist:anontheanon327 cozy glow6707 discord29475 king sombra13141 lord tirek5133 queen chrysalis33378 rainbow dash223970 changeling42942 changeling queen13855 draconequus9866 pegasus256999 pony882460 the ending of the end2912 /mlp/9267 ash142 cobble glow29 fangs22804 female1285460 filly61565 freckles26174 jar960 lewd container meme109 male343573 mare439132 petrification895 the producers14


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Background Pony #4FA5
Considering it's a Discord we're talking about, what's a twist with those statues? They can walk when no one's looking? They're hollow, with tiny Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis inside? Something else?..
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