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Besides Endgame, there's a song that can be a good description of this screencap.
safe1614857 edit123014 edited screencap59209 screencap210665 big macintosh27078 chancellor neighsay604 flam2034 flim2150 gabby2214 gilda9245 pharynx914 soarin'13485 spitfire12914 stellar flare1094 tempest shadow16157 terramar697 thorax4072 trixie63969 zecora8944 changedling7679 changeling42943 classical hippogriff4637 dragon50866 earth pony215664 griffon25094 hippogriff8782 kirin7422 pegasus257002 pony882468 unicorn284908 yak4242 the ending of the end2912 caption20128 flim flam brothers1186 image macro36307 impact font1420 king thorax2691 prince pharynx657 sabaton32 song reference3198 text53531 winged hussar18 wonderbolts3455


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab

Fucking dipshit
Coming down from the mountain on high
Towards the battle we go side by side
Our hearts are filled with honour and pride
Cause we know our time has coooome!
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