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God help us all, she's recapping in chronological order…

Luster, grab a chair. this could take a while…
safe1614852 edit123014 edited screencap59209 screencap210665 luster dawn1263 twilight sparkle288184 alicorn205893 pony882464 unicorn284908 applebuck season792 griffon the brush off714 the last problem5016 bored1396 caption20127 exploitable meme33002 image macro36307 implied applejack610 implied gilda39 implied pinkie pie656 implied rainbow dash927 luster dawn is not amused29 meme79579 older24327 older twilight1335 princess twilight 2.01985 rambling18 reminiscing15 text53530 twilight 2.0's reminiscences21 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118329 unamused14613


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Well, if A Hearth's Warming Tale is anything to go by, Twilight is a very good storyteller… Buuuuuuuuuuut, stories get old after you heard it for the 1000th time…
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I doubt she would drag on moments that long like stereotypical old ladies. But if she was laughing her flank off over this moment while telling it to Luster, I wouldn't blame her.
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