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I tried to make a screencap of Sunset playing Uno with the Codewords. It didn't turn out great.
safe1559478 artist:adagiostring108 derpibooru exclusive23950 edit114974 edited screencap54168 editor:biggernate9188 screencap195620 sunset shimmer56845 oc596394 oc:joy stick28 oc:nina tendo4 oc:trigger finger4 kirin6509 nirik322 equestria girls177918 equestria girls series28116 forgotten friendship4590 game stream540 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11514 emoji792 just dance15 let's play35 lordminion7777 psycho gamer sunset112 rage1340 rageset shimmer76 shimmercode70 space invaders28 sunset shimmer frustrated at game244 sunset's apartment291 super mario maker 26 uno63


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Background Pony #78DE
How much you want to bet Joystick has a draw 2 or draw 4 to add insult to injury?
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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2 PWNYZ in 1
The Just Dance deck definitely has the most interesting white cards…
Play numbers or draw after, swap hands with the person across from you, reduce all hands to lowest count, or give everyone a mystery card that turns into a random action of a color they have.
The swapping card further adds to the frustration of 7s and 0s.

Big loud things on poles
this is also how they end because of the guy next to you has a plus four and you do as well, that is garunteed to make them punch the hell out of their moniters