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Princess Celestia Question (answer in the comments):
Would you ever have fun with Princess Celestia?
suggestive132556 artist:joeynigro7 pinkie pie207382 princess celestia91143 queen chrysalis33378 twilight sparkle288184 oc626597 oc:pinkie pie (dog)1 alicorn205893 changeling42943 dog8833 pony882466 unicorn284908 anthro240012 barbie doll anatomy1519 bedroom9097 breasts254022 celestia is stupid5 featureless breasts2273 featureless crotch6454 hooves in the butt song1 musical instrument8581 nudity343419 pee pee in the cider song1 pencil3394 pencil in nose6 piano1022 poptropica7 singing5966 wrong poptropica look1


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