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Princess Celestia Question (answer in the comments):
Would you ever have fun with Princess Celestia?
suggestive (115436)artist:joeynigro (7)pinkie pie (190988)princess celestia (84468)queen chrysalis (29757)twilight sparkle (263714)oc (533651)oc:pinkie pie (dog) (1)alicorn (167813)anthro (203836)changeling (33358)dog (7572)pony (714515)unicorn (210974)barbie doll anatomy (1407)bedroom (6884)breasts (208892)celestia is stupid (5)featureless breasts (1943)featureless crotch (5408)hooves in the butt (song) (1)musical instrument (5965)nudity (299298)pee pee in the cider (song) (1)pencil (2866)pencil in nose (6)piano (922)poptropica (6)singing (5239)wrong poptropica look (1)


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