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safe2119470 artist:andypriceart3590 apple bloom58912 applejack196238 fluttershy252149 pinkie pie250106 princess celestia110439 princess luna114809 rainbow dash272978 rarity212999 scootaloo57851 spike90709 sweetie belle55735 twilight sparkle349956 alicorn303039 butterfly9374 dragon81436 earth pony423937 pegasus472397 pony1548119 unicorn513108 g41933937 idw19948 season 10516 spoiler:comic8962 spoiler:comicseason1020 armpits46351 bow42634 cover3363 cowboy hat24555 cutie mark crusaders21992 derail in the comments358 female1742167 filly93855 hair bow24301 hat119676 male529912 mane seven7705 mane six36839 mare704157 no logo94 not the end of g43 the ride never ends316 the ride's not over after all1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146103 winged spike9902 wings208688


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@Background Pony #88ED  
About with Spike getting stung too, wouldn’t his dragon scales protect him from getting stung? Like given how hard said scales are.  
It just that while the other girls save the day so much, Spike just gets left out and such. Having him get taken out like that despite he didn’t get to save the day much unlike the girls is just.. not so good..
How does “A Threat Nightmare” episode goes there?
Background Pony #88ED
@Background Pony #32A6  
here are some ideas for season 10 updates
episode 1: Attack of the Scorpion part 1 : After Twilight becomes queen of Equestria, she have to protect it, when an evil scorpion named King Scorp and his army of scorpions come here to take over Equestria, meanwhile Luster Dawn, a unicorn and her family moved to ponyville.
episode 2: Attack of the Scorpion part 2: After King Scorp stung Twilight’s friends with poison, she tried to stop him or get a cure to save her friends at once, meanwhile Luster Dawn went to the school of friendship to learn.
episode 3: What is Next for Us: After the Young 6 have graduated, they have to think what is their future for them.
episode 4: Teacher Cusaders: The CMCS teach at the School of Friendship and have to know about being a teacher.
episode 5: A Flurry of Light: When Flurry Heart discovered that she have light powers, she must used them to stop some Ice Monsters from attacking The Crystal Empire.
episode 6: A Pregnant Belle: When Big Mac hear about Sugar Belle is pregnant so he have to take care of her until his child arrived.
episode 7: A Yak Proposal: When Sandbar wanted to propose to Yona, so he ask his friends for help.
episode 8 The Lost King of Mount Aris: After Discovering the old base of the Storm King, Sky Beak and Seaspray found out that King Alantic the king of Mount Aris and Queen Novo’s husband and Skystar’s father is alive, meanwhile Queen Novo, Ocean Flow, Skystar, and Silverstream have a spa day and Novo tells a story about King Alantic and his capture on the assault of Mount Aris and the attack of the Storm King.
episode 9 The End of An Apple: When Granny Smith is almost gone, the apple family share memories of her and them about the past and present.
episode 9: Pimple Face: When Rarity had a pimple on her face and she think with it and she will not be beautiful so her friends have to cheer her up.
episode 10: Little Mac: When Sugar Belle goes into labor and go to the hospital, Big Mac have to get to the hospital on time for the event.
episode 11: A Sister retirement: After Celestia and Luna retired and find what they like during retirement.
episode 12: A Gummy Goodbye: When Gummy is getting to big and wreck the place in Ponyville, Pinkie Pie will have to say goodbye Gummy.
episode 13: A Pregnancy and Anniversary Problem: After Yona hear that she is pregnant and she having trouble to tell Sandbar about it so she ask Rarity for advice and Sandbar forget it is their anniversary and don’t know what to give to Yona so he ask his friends for advice.
episode 14: A Fashion Day Out: When Rarity and Sassy Saddles are tired for running the Boutique so they take a break and have a spa day while the mane 6 take over the boutique.
episode 15: The Next Plan: When King Scorp have a plan and send his team to get a Portal Staff to open a portal to a dark realm full of Dark Dragons to take over Equestria.
episode 16: Spike The Servant: When Rarity saved Spike’s life is the crystal caves and Spike becomes her servant and she likes it but Twilight need him for some stuff.
episode 17: Discord the Game Master: When Discord put the Mane 6 into a arena and have to fight their past villains to win and get out of the arena.
episode 19: A Royal Advisor: After Spike becomes Twilight’s Royal Advisor, he need to find out to be a Royal Advisor.
episode 20: Ancient Love: When Somnambula, Flash Magnus, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie are called by the map to stop a hydra for destroying a town, while they were fight it, Flash Magnus and Somnambula have feelings for each over.
episode 21: A Silver Lining: When Silverstream really wants to be a wonderbolts so Rainbow Dash who is the captain of the wonderbolt teach her about it and becomes the first non pegasus wonderbolt in the world.
episode 22: Gallus The Royal Guard: When Gallus really wants to be captain of the royal guard so he ask Flash Sentry and Flash Magnus to help him to become a royal guard.
episode 23 A Dawn of a Unicorn: hen Luster Dawn tried a new spell and accidentally open a portal to a dangerous realm of bat monsters, and she needed to close the portal before the bat monsters attack ponyville.
episode 24: A Threat Nightmare: When Luna had a nightmare about an evil threat is coming to Equestria so she ask Twilight to find what is the threat.
episode 25: The Rise of The Dark Dragons part 1: When The Grand Galloping Gala have started, everycreature are having fun and was interrupt by King Scorpion and his army of scorpions and have team up with an army of Dark Dragons lead by Fire Breath with dark fire breath, to take over Equestria.
episode 26: The Rise of The Dark Dragons part 2: The mane 6 and everycreature have to stop King Scorp and Fire Breath for burning Equestria into a crisp, meanwhile Starswirl and the other pillars have to find away to close to portal for letting other dark dragons to Equestria:
episode 27: What Comes Next: After The Scorpions and The Dark Dragons were locked away in Tartarus, the Mane 6 celebrate until a dark smoke comes throw the portal to Equestria.
Background Pony #6423
Promo for the season finale:
(When The Grand Galloping Gala is tonight) Canterlot at night with everypony and creature are going inside.
“What could possibly go wrong”? Twilight said.
(But when an evil threat returns with an newer threat) Scorp’s and Fire Breath’s feet walk in the dirt. and look at canterlot in the forest.
(Can Twilight and Everypony and creature can stop it) Scorp removed his disguised, “I’m Back!” with an evil smile, as the mane 6 and everyone were shocked.
(My Little Pony: season finale coming soon)
Background Pony #6423
Promo for Mid season 10
(Face Dangerest Challenges) as the Hyra rose up and roar from Ancient Love
“Captain Gallus reporting for duty!” Gallus said from Gallus The Royal Guard
(for some new stuff for the future) SilverStream dashes in front of the rookies from A Silver Lining
As Bat Monsters fly over Ponyville from A Dawn of a Unicorn, “This threat will destroy Equestia forever!” Luna said with a scared look,
As Spike sits on he own thrown from Spike the Royal Advicer (And never leave friends behind) as Somnambula and Flash Magnus hold hooves from Ancient Love
“Let’s go!” Luster Dawn said as her friends run out of the door from A Dawn of a Unicorn
(My Little Pony all new coming soon on Discovery Family
Background Pony #88ED
Mid Season Finale to The Next Plan
(Danger) As King Scorp got the Portal Staff
(Is Coming) “This Plan is going to work!” King Scorp said
(But the mane 6 will be ready what he sets) As the portal open as some shadow and eyes apeared in the portal
(My Little Pony Mid Season Finale coming soon)
Background Pony #88ED
(Adventure) Rarity moved Spike away from a rock fall down on top of him from Spike the Servant
(Action) Twilight blast Tirek with her horn from Discord the Game Master
(An even some Victories) As Celestia and Luna win the tennis game
“well that worst, if I could emagine!” Rainbow Dash from A Fashion Day Out
(The Fun never stops in) “It’s happening!” Rarity said in a smiled as Spike hold the dragon code in his hand from Spike the Servant
(MY Little Pony new episodes today only on Discovery Family)
Background Pony #88ED
Another promo:
Everyday is for new challenges) As Gummy ran into the kitchen wall from A Gummy Goodbye
“I will never forget my and Silverstream’s anniversary!” Gallus said as he touch Silverstream’s claw from A Pregnancy and Anniversary Problem
(Epic stuff) “Let’s go play some tennis, sister!” Luna said as she hold up her racket with Celestia by her side from A Sister Retirement
(and more new surprises) The Portal open into a dark relam as King Scorp smiled from The Next Plan
(In My Little Pony new episodes coming soon)
Background Pony #88ED
Another promo
(Everyday for new episodes) Rarity and Sassy Saddles squealed from A Fashion Day Out
“A Goblin King and some goblins are from another realm that the princesses banished are coming out a portal to invated?” Twilight said “yes!” the royal messenger said from A Sister Retirement
“WHAT!” Big Mac said from Little Mac
(All New Adventures wait on mane 6 and My Little Pony new episodes coming soon)
Background Pony #88ED
(The Friendship Continues) as the mane 6 run or fly in the field
“I can’t believe it!” Applejack said in the scene of A Pregnant Belle
(New Missions, and New adventures) as cmcs look at the School of Friendship in the scene of Teacher Cusaders, and the train stop at Mount Aris in the scene in The Lost King of Mount Aris
“What was that?” Sunburst said as he and Mistmane saw Flurry Heart has light powers for the scene A Flurry of Light
(New Questions and new shocking discovery) as Sandbar propose to Yona from A Yak Proposal, and Rarity was shock to see a pimple on her face from Pimple Face
“what it’s wasn’t me, I was Spike!” Discord said pointing at Spike from A Pregnant Belle
(New villains and new songs) With King Snower and General Storm, and a new song called What do we next “what should we do next” by the Young 6 from What is Next for Us
(sharing memories and new stuff) as the apple open a page in the book of Granny Smith in The The End of An Apple and Terramar and the cmcs high hoof from The Lost King of Mount Aris
“Big Mac… I’m pregnant.” Sugar Belle said as Big Mac was shocked and “I’m gonna be a father?! Big Mac said in A Pregnant Belle
(My Little Pony season 10, all new coming soon, when Friendship is Forever)