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safe1617989 edit123261 screencap211112 aquamarine154 bon bon15692 first base242 lyra heartstrings28445 spike75827 sweetie drops15693 dragon51036 earth pony216755 pony885537 unicorn286167 dragon dropped1160 pinkie pride1450 slice of life (episode)1639 the big mac question1007 the break up breakdown605 the last problem5065 adorabon616 age progression594 background characters doing background things39 background pony9647 bedroom eyes54924 best friends619 canon ship47 couple4852 cropped46780 cute186640 cutie mark43989 daaaaaaaaaaaw3331 dancing7865 do ships need sails17 drinking3175 duo52999 duo focus755 engagement ring170 eyes closed84297 female1287942 filly61751 filly lyra92 filly sweetie drops3 friendship1162 glasses56946 grin34716 happy28880 holding hooves1501 hooves on the table171 hug26236 it finally happened15 it happened170 larson you magnificent bastard111 lesbian91995 lidded eyes28264 looking at each other17808 lyrabetes1258 lyrabon3163 m.a. larson589 mare440291 marriage1157 marriage proposal501 milkshake1454 newspaper1585 offscreen character31237 older aquamarine16 older bon bon34 older first base16 older lyra heartstrings33 out of context4233 ponies standing next to each other191 ponytail16497 raised hoof40851 raised leg7084 ring2593 rope10653 sharing a drink94 shipping188697 smiling225016 table8541 twisted bon bon26 walls of comments14 weapons-grade cute3381 wedding ring724 winged spike7849 written equestrian320 younger16030


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They did it! They finally did! No say they can do it, but they prove them wrong! I’d dance right now, but my animation budget can’t afford it!
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