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“Don’t You Know You’re All My Very Best Friends”
9 Years and 2 days!
It’s been such a ride you guys.
I’ve been working so hard on this commemorative piece for the past few days. I wanted to draw ALL THE PONIES but sadly I could only do so much.
I’m so pleased with it and hope you guys love it too.
Thanks for everything!

safe2117989 artist:sjart117219 apple bloom58884 applejack196164 fluttershy252031 pinkie pie250004 princess cadance38871 princess celestia110393 princess flurry heart9226 princess luna114757 rainbow dash272856 rarity212909 scootaloo57824 shining armor27182 spike90675 sweetie belle55714 twilight sparkle349826 alicorn302730 dragon81292 earth pony423228 pegasus471458 pony1479145 unicorn512575 g41926684 applejack's hat13616 cowboy hat24528 crying54089 cutie mark crusaders21978 end of an era42 end of ponies807 eyes closed133663 female1739591 filly93764 foal40277 freckles41564 grass14572 grin59999 group7152 group hug1192 group shot590 happy42751 happy birthday mlp:fim1555 hat119563 hoof hold12304 hug36352 jewelry106909 male529358 mane six36822 mare703178 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 raised hoof66610 regalia34740 sky21940 smiling376823 spread wings88447 stallion184083 wings208156


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