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Marble’s dream come true: an extra cuddly Big Mac who loves her back :D

safe2115995 artist:badumsquish2440 derpibooru exclusive38757 big macintosh32784 marble pie8022 earth pony422254 lamia3073 original species35047 pony1477135 snake3992 snake pony959 g41642680 blushing261420 coils1750 cuddling10371 cute256763 daaaaaaaaaaaw6630 female1737764 floppy ears70206 forest14691 happy birthday mlp:fim1555 hug36322 macabetes619 male528669 marblebetes792 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 ship:marblemac554 shipping245731 species swap25787 straight172282


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Background Pony #C5A9
I can’t wait. Also it’s a shame you don’t like the idw comics cause there is gonna be a season 10 mlp fim in the form of idw comics
Background Pony #C5A9
I hop badumsquish draws the new chrysalis design in the last episodes or alicorn cozyglow and chaos pinkie pie and chaos clozyglow and cowsnake chrysalis(from episode frenemies) in the future
Background Pony #774A
I don’t think that’d help. If Maud can reduce a boulder to rubble in seconds, I don’t doubt that Marble could snap a crowbar like a twig.
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Marble found the ultimate hug and she’ll savour every second of it. Big Mac snek didn’t know he needed a mare like her till now. The only way to seperate them, if they are in cuddle mode, is with the help of a crowbar.