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Sundown: Wife material AJ!
suggestive132395 artist:sundown1487 applejack162387 human146311 applebucking thighs2029 applebutt3903 ass44578 bottom heavy692 breasts253401 busty applejack9516 butt41126 clothes424941 cowboy hat14017 extra thicc783 eyes closed83894 female1283955 freckles26125 happy28765 hat79371 hips2564 huge butt8728 humanized96327 jacqueline applebuck281 jeans3654 large butt14278 monochrome144599 pants12940 sexy26478 shirt22353 sitting57355 smiling224039 solo1001556 solo female171270 stetson4879 text53445 the ass was fat12949 thicc ass978 thick3918 thighs9834 thunder thighs7211 wide hips14495


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10 comments posted

@Background Pony #D039
No can do chief, I have a strick begrudge rule against anybody that would fuck a human-world horse, regardless of the size of the need. That's a permanent stain on the record and can't be unseen unless Sunny declares it non-canon in his AU.
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She'd make a great wife. Well, that is if she stopped fucking her brother. And their horse. You know, I'm starting to think she's obsessed with size.
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Background Pony #084A
Think nothing of it AJ, you can crush my head with those massive applethighs whenever you please.
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