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source needed (12381) explicit (299560) artist:yev-san (90) edit (108311) applejack (153808) big macintosh (26133) human (137570) 2 handfuls of dem hips (1058) anal (23889) applebutt (3299) applecest (1787) applemac (985) ass (38832) blushing (164920) bottomless (11140) brother and sister (3159) butt (18452) clothed female nude male (1320) clothes (382835) cutie mark (37043) cutie mark on human (1506) female (828274) humanized (90976) incest (11685) looking back (45356) looking down (5953) looking over shoulder (2005) male (282554) partial nudity (14654) penetration (45034) plot (68432) sex (100429) shipping (174746) siblings (4744) straight (115581) stupid sexy applejack (520) wincest (30)


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Background Pony #101C
They just edited this pic by rotating it 90 degrees, but her hair now has no gravity! also this looks way different from most yev-sans stuff, they usually do mspaint art. I've never seen any of these rendered ones on any of their blogs either.
Background Pony #DE2A
I'd love for Applejack to be sat on top of me like this as she lovingly bounces her hips onto my lap as she controls how fast and deep my cock slips into her sweet hole.