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Heart and Historia's mother! Named Crystal Clear, I drew her in my last stream and forgot.
explicit345512 artist:whatsapokemon1337 oc672649 oc only441920 oc:crystal clear39 crystal pony4501 earth pony241586 anthro255889 big breasts80317 breast grab6954 breasts272555 busty oc894 clothes452522 cyan background32 female1345529 glasses60767 grope12822 looking at you165091 milf9397 nipples164060 nudity364566 self grope938 solo1051174 solo female177708 stockings32112 thigh gap644 thigh highs35480 underass2449 vulva125648


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Background Pony #7486
What a lovely MILF. Hope to see more of her in the future, can see where Historia got her nerdy cuteness from.