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Downside to my pointy hooves.
safe1653983 artist:dragonpone344 derpibooru exclusive26958 gallus6447 sandbar5257 earth pony229569 griffon25936 pony918464 ...2227 annoyed5314 bipedal32961 blood23621 blush sticker2362 blushing188879 chest fluff36187 didn't think this through163 duo56335 ear fluff26900 ear tufts452 eyes closed87825 frown22219 glare8153 grimderp263 high five213 injured3260 lidded eyes29288 look of disapproval76 male355784 movie quote in the comments20 open mouth136271 ouch1003 pointy hooves22 pointy legs24 pointy ponies3310 reality ensues393 smiling233904 stallion102194 teenager4459 text55831 this ended in pain185 unamused15359 wat18884 wide eyes16621


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Background Pony #9D93
This prey must protect himself from the predator, the predator seems surprised, he did not see his prey doing this coming.
Background Pony #C330
This reminded me of Gurren Lagann when Viral's hand is struck similarly.
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