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Downside to my pointy hooves.
safe1769612 artist:dragonpone344 derpibooru exclusive29707 gallus7074 sandbar5656 earth pony274348 griffon28282 pony1029595 ...2418 annoyed5658 bipedal36834 blood25611 blush sticker2695 blushing207325 chest fluff42155 didn't think this through166 duo66243 ear fluff32249 ear tufts541 eyes closed99954 frown23904 glare8334 grimderp279 high five222 injured3427 lidded eyes32284 look of disapproval76 male394000 movie quote in the comments20 open mouth158130 ouch1048 pointy legs43 pointy ponies3489 reality ensues415 smiling266659 stallion118580 teenager4808 text63237 this ended in pain204 unamused16995 wat19592 wide eyes17538


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Background Pony #9D93
This prey must protect himself from the predator, the predator seems surprised, he did not see his prey doing this coming.
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Background Pony #C330
This reminded me of Gurren Lagann when Viral’s hand is struck similarly.