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safe (1459458)artist:mrponiator (258)applejack (150516)fluttershy (187362)pinkie pie (192291)rainbow dash (207171)rarity (160432)spike (69983)starlight glimmer (39291)twilight sparkle (265571)alicorn (170278)earth pony (158200)pegasus (198187)pony (724604)unicorn (215743)animated (86224)applejack's hat (4132)cheering (643)cowboy hat (11051)drinking (2645)eyes closed (70034)happy birthday mlp:fim (790)hat (67106)looking at each other (13231)mane eight (81)mane seven (5044)mane six (27153)mlp fim's ninth anniversary (316)pixel art (8353)simple background (299460)smiling (188650)toasting (19)transparent background (155922)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105121)

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