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(For @rarilight Thank you for writing these beautiful fics I’m really looking forward to your future works!)

It’s finally arrived! \(;w;)/ (as my country’s postal service is infamous for lost/delayed parcel from overseas)

Also, some Rarilight in my country’s national costumes with Twilight fascinated about book
safe1617705 artist:kingkero63 artist:lilfunkman263 rarity173941 twilight sparkle288564 oc628573 oc:ducky ink38 alicorn206522 pony885352 unicorn286047 blushing182921 book31548 clothes426857 dialogue61081 fanfic10247 female1287720 irl68072 lesbian91959 photo76526 physical copy17 rarilight1799 shipping188631 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118486


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