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To celebrate MLP's 9th anniversary, here's a montage of Twilight and Spike's adventures through the seasons.
safe1613497 artist:red4567874 angel bunny9500 apple bloom47378 applejack162398 boulder (pet)1241 capper dapperpaws1480 clover the clever354 cozy glow6699 crackle353 cup cake3887 derpy hooves48602 diamond tiara9813 discord29447 fido501 fluttershy202782 gabby2213 gallus6152 gummy4918 humdrum440 lord tirek5131 masked matter-horn787 maud pie11984 moondancer4555 ocellus4847 owlowiscious1938 pinkie pie207248 pipsqueak2753 pound cake2418 princess cadance31020 princess celestia91089 princess ember5958 princess flurry heart6620 princess luna95404 princess skystar1843 queen chrysalis33345 rainbow dash223815 rarity173541 rockhoof1053 sandbar5018 scootaloo49545 shining armor22049 silver spoon6259 silverstream5633 sludge (dragon)332 smolder7150 smooze826 somnambula1768 spike75661 spitfire12905 star swirl the bearded1920 starlight glimmer45562 sunburst6146 sweetie belle47162 tank2645 tempest shadow16147 thorax4068 trixie63925 twilight sparkle287987 yona4719 alicorn205600 bat pony44826 bird7349 breezie2070 bugbear184 changedling7668 changeling42853 diamond dog3237 dog8816 dragon50761 earth pony215253 griffon25038 parasprite1997 pony881164 unicorn284380 yak4237 28 pranks later916 a canterlot wedding2549 a dog and pony show528 a flurry of emotions1210 a health of information495 a matter of principals1011 a rockhoof and a hard place773 a royal problem2055 a trivial pursuit1093 amending fences1198 applebuck season788 applejack's "day" off549 bats!1684 best gift ever2246 between dark and dawn1549 boast busters1042 bridle gossip685 castle mane-ia850 castle sweet castle1291 celestial advice1093 crusaders of the lost mark1602 do princesses dream of magic sheep1105 dragon dropped1159 dragon quest852 equestria girls187180 equestria girls (movie)6725 every little thing she does917 fake it 'til you make it1023 fall weather friends683 fame and misfortune1012 family appreciation day550 father knows beast863 feeling pinkie keen755 friendship is magic2636 games ponies play1009 gauntlet of fire1431 green isn't your color841 hearth's warming eve (episode)566 horse play847 inspiration manifestation837 it ain't easy being breezies838 it isn't the mane thing about you1119 it's about time695 just for sidekicks888 keep calm and flutter on1010 lesson zero1357 luna eclipsed1438 magic duel2010 magical mystery cure2187 make new friends but keep discord1901 marks for effort1078 maud pie (episode)1255 may the best pet win729 molt down820 my little pony: the movie18264 newbie dash1011 no second prances1763 non-compete clause684 once upon a zeppelin747 owl's well that ends well392 ppov877 princess spike (episode)698 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2572 scare master898 school daze2643 school raze2237 secret of my excess678 shadow play1223 she's all yak1103 slice of life (episode)1632 sparkle's seven1600 spike at your service1007 swarm of the century651 sweet and smoky884 tanks for the memories1389 testing testing 1-2-31329 the beginning of the end2026 the best night ever1264 the crystal empire2688 the crystalling2034 the cutie map4030 the cutie re-mark3059 the end in friend669 the ending of the end2910 the hearth's warming club842 the last problem5003 the last roundup1010 the mane attraction1156 the one where pinkie pie knows776 the point of no return900 the return of harmony1528 the summer sun setback1050 the ticket master886 the times they are a changeling888 three's a crowd1234 to where and back again2565 too many pinkie pies1763 trade ya887 triple threat886 twilight time870 twilight's kingdom2852 uncommon bond771 what about discord?637 what lies beneath1515 winter wrap up1012 3d67562 accordion283 alicorn amulet1801 alternate hairstyle25629 angry24953 animated94058 ballerina943 banjo257 barrel1504 bat ponified2337 beefspike385 behaving like a moth48 big crown thingy2238 blue flu322 bongos121 book31472 butt touch3307 butthug325 cage943 candle4359 clothes424964 cocoon608 colt13701 comic book632 cookie zombie219 crystal2432 cup5767 cutie mark43700 cutie mark crusaders18310 cymbals169 dragon egg190 dress41068 drums957 egg3620 element of magic2042 equestria games433 facehoof1680 faic11624 female1284004 filly61464 filly rainbow dash1122 filly starlight glimmer545 flashback potion214 flutterbat6630 fluttergoth739 food64129 friendship journal158 future twilight1016 gif28805 gigachad spike684 greed spike157 grogar's bell432 happy birthday mlp:fim1302 harmonica134 helm30 hood1184 i see4 ice cream4689 jewelry55097 king thorax2690 long52 luna petting goose123 magic68298 male343026 mane six30350 mare438648 mlp fim's ninth anniversary315 montage70 multeity2106 musical instrument8574 naked rarity210 older24288 older spike4752 one-pony band18 orange886 pacifier2489 pinkie hugging applejack's butt85 ponies riding gators299 power ponies2612 princess twilight 2.01979 pudding face172 punk2047 punklight sparkle709 quiet137 race swap13387 rapidash twilight381 raripunk1129 regalia17648 riding4999 sign3753 sleeping22187 sneaking296 snow12617 soda drink hat5 source filmmaker41020 sousaphone176 spike the dog2522 student six1497 swamp fever100 tambourine445 teenage spike646 teenager4425 the cmc's cutie marks4655 ticket182 too much pink energy is dangerous278 treelight sparkle200 twilight flopple115 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118237 twilight's castle3513 twilighting300 twilynanas119 unicorn twilight14309 wall of tags2646 whining181 winged spike7818 younger15935


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Passionate opinionator
When will this get a webm?! This gif is so awesome that I want to stop and pause at every moment!

Also, imagine if it went like Homer Simpson's timelapse and went through every moment of Twilight's life.
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