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An edit of >>1649528, but with the Soviet flag replaced with the Griffonstone flag. And the better answer to >>2159932, >>2164731, and >>2151917.

Though the sort of scenario that Twilight dreads in "Convocation of the Creatures", who knows if the rule of gryphons over a united Equestrian kingdom would improve the country? And even more so if Gallus and Silverstream were its Emperor and Empress!

safe (1448323)edit (101734)edited screencap (45845)editor:horsesplease (54)screencap (178576)grampa gruff (230)prince rutherford (640)princess celestia (84540)princess ember (5250)seaspray (140)starlight glimmer (38912)thorax (3633)twilight sparkle (263863)alicorn (168081)changedling (6063)changeling (33457)griffon (21745)hippogriff (6909)yak (3240)school daze (2469)spoiler:comic61 (56)spoiler:s08 (741)1000 hours in ms paint (4405)alternate universe (5990)convocation of the creatures (3)flag (3090)good end (477)griffonstone (223)jewelry (40372)king thorax (2285)school of friendship (927)school of friendship flag meme (14)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104245)

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Background Pony #7816
Isn’t that the Nova Griffonia Flag from the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4?

I thought Griffonstone had a different flag…
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