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Commission for DaveMan1000
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explicit369484 artist:anthroponiessfm1643 apple bloom52041 scootaloo52390 sweetie belle50220 anthro275837 plantigrade anthro35790 3d83330 belly button83421 breast hold1137 breasts296411 busty apple bloom1855 busty cmc255 busty scootaloo1272 busty sweetie belle2221 clothes488005 cutie mark crusaders19520 female1432217 females only13491 hand on breast154 looking at you181375 nipples180284 nudity391018 older28519 older apple bloom2315 older scootaloo2201 older sweetie belle2548 open clothes2854 partial nudity22050 plaid skirt674 revealing66 revealing clothing211 school1850 school uniform7555 schoolgirl1928 sexy31606 skirt42049 skirt lift4855 source filmmaker49972 spread legs20503 spreading20477 vulva136468


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Background Pony #9729
Teacher: I admit, I do have a fetish for you school mares, and I have enjoyed the iconic scene of Mareilyn Maneroe’s dress blowing up in The Seven Year Twitch,…a lot of times.  
Sweetie: (giggles) See, I told you so~!  
All: (laughing seductively)  
Scootaloo: Well, pretty much every mare in this school would looooove to have their skirts blown up, just…for…you~!  
AB: Ah suppose so, but not every day will be windy, so don’t be shah to flip up all of our skirts%. [spoiler]We’ll still call ya a pervert, but only as a compliment%.[/spoiler]
Background Pony #9729
Scootaloo: Ooooo~! I think, he’s ready to cum, Apple Bloom!
AB: In that case, let’s not spare the horse, Ah mean “pony” power, girls!
Sweetie: I still say he prefers to have our skirts blowing in the wind, just so he could peek at our panties. I know I do~!

Doot Doot
Splendid, now please choose any start position on the board and…Hmm? Yes Ms. Belle?  
Aha no no no I can not be a part of your assignments. I’m just here to oversee progress, grade performance, and provide first aid should anything go wrong, but feel free to work as a group and ask me any questions.  
Whats that Ms. Bloom?  
You require “hands on” tutoring?  
Well…normally I can’t during extracurricular hours, but how about a deal? Show me what you have practiced so far with each other, impress me and I shall teach each of you one advanced technique of your choosing not included in the lesson.  
You may begin.