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Drew a spooky icon for spooky month, was really nice to draw again after taking this break.
I also did this in 1 stream which was 7 hours, pretty good.
safe1750206 artist:rarityismywaifu52 edit135880 oc711798 oc only465369 oc:lamika214 pegasus309057 pony1010298 blushing204601 body blush17 choker12917 ear blush799 ear piercing27782 earring22157 eyeshadow16563 fangs26678 female1401653 freckles30104 goth2300 icon1842 jewelry68196 lipstick11639 makeup22808 mare502065 one eye closed32496 pegasus oc13061 piercing43095 shoulder freckles1090 simple background409023 teeth10489 tongue out108228 transparent background208756 wings123060 wink25647


not provided yet


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