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Oh Lawd she Comin! She hot n’ bothered! She ready! OH LAWD!

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semi-grimdark (26209) suggestive (120348) artist:wispy tuft (74) sphinx (character) (778) sphinx (1498) city (3357) cityscape (427) claws (4163) desert (1273) destruction (1255) egyptian (617) eyeshadow (11676) feline (90) female (828268) happy (25749) jewelry (44244) licking (16813) licking lips (3668) looking at you (131714) macro (9690) macro/micro (342) makeup (15787) meme (75990) micro (8013) paws (3844) plump (6370) purple (818) rapeface (1085) screaming (2714) solo (926519) somnambula (location) (126) thicc ass (490) thicc hips (291) thick (3136) tongue out (82877)


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Background Pony #C3A7
Oh Lawd she Comin! She hot n’ bothered! She ready! OH LAWD!

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongey and bruised.

Tennessee Hillbilly
It’s just the screen name I’ve used since the days iBrony and Philomenamagikz was a thing, inspired by the game of the same name.

Ironically despite being a dom I don’t like inflicting pain, I did spankings a couple times to one lover that asked for it but once she started to cry I couldn’t find it in me to ever do it again.
Wispy Tuft
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Big Golden Bitch
Sorry for the near duplicate folks. I uploaded This picture and forgot to draw her leg jewelry so here she is with her completed look, should be a duplicate claim being reviewed now