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To those who don't know, this came from the Nostalgia Critic's review of Care Bears 2. I'm honestly surprised nobody thought to do this sooner. I mean, the reference practically gift-wrapped itself!

Anyways, I have something big planned for the finale next week, so stay tuned and enjoy! 👍😁✔
safe1613863 edit122937 edited screencap59186 editor:thomasfan45249 screencap210581 applejack162446 cozy glow6699 flash magnus769 fluttershy202832 gallus6155 lord tirek5132 meadowbrook767 mistmane705 ocellus4848 pinkie pie207298 queen chrysalis33351 rainbow dash223874 rarity173604 rockhoof1053 sandbar5025 silverstream5634 smolder7155 somnambula1768 spike75681 star swirl the bearded1920 twilight sparkle288054 yona4720 alicorn205683 centaur3046 changedling7671 changeling42877 changeling queen13817 dragon50780 earth pony215371 griffon25054 hippogriff8772 pegasus256682 pony881463 unicorn284509 yak4239 the ending of the end2910 context in description67 everyone is here18 female1284609 joke1126 mane seven6146 mane six30351 nostalgia critic310 pillars of equestria254 rainbow4198 student six1498 taste the rainbow230 text53468 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118258 winged spike7820


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