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Revised to make AB look older (she was looking pretty foal-sized contrary to my original intentions, because I think I forgot to scale her down for perspective), fixed some other issues with the pizza boxes, and also this is now a higher res version (though it probably still looks better at about 25%, it’s your call now.)

suggestive193304 artist:sybaris14 derpibooru exclusive41299 apple bloom60826 scootaloo59411 sweetie belle57404 earth pony519438 pegasus511876 pony1638179 unicorn554651 g42062933 belly46890 belly button113741 bloated652 cutie mark51401 cutie mark crusaders22682 eating13900 fat29443 feedee923 feedee belle43 feeder682 feeding1690 female1841204 food103753 force feeding1069 frog (hoof)20616 high res409887 messy eating1703 obese15708 older41334 older apple bloom3527 older scootaloo3266 older sweetie belle4014 outie belly button2287 overeating111 pizza2823 slob517 stuffing1811 sweetie belly254 the cmc's cutie marks5195 underhoof70555


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