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suggestive (120469) artist:anibaruthecat (834) apple bloom (45232) rainbow dash (212033) rarity (163955) sci-twi (20363) scootaloo (48010) sweetie belle (45408) twilight sparkle (272944) equestria girls (170505) breasts (221452) clothes (383436) dialogue (55159) female (830038) kissing (21361) lab coat (1871) lesbian (87659) making out (508) rariloo (23) shipping (175000) signature (16674) sweetiedash (77) twibloom (21)


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13 comments posted
Background Pony #D884
Or maybe… Sci-twi and Apple Bloom are the reason why they're together! dun dun DUN! They planned it from the beginning!
Background Pony #D884
Are projects rariloo and sweetiedash important to know or are they just full of fanfics written by Sci-twi?
Background Pony #7DB0
this is hot and cute sci-twilight is kissing applebloom so sweet like apples ;) /ziltromon