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Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Octavia Melody, Saffron Masala, Vinyl Scratch, and Coloratura all participates in a Ballerina Class at a theatre to perform the best ballerina moves. Together, they must face the music and pop the beat as they go on.
safe1555569 artist:cheezedoodle96794 coloratura2659 dj pon-327898 octavia melody22069 rarity167920 saffron masala1560 twilight sparkle279833 vinyl scratch31993 alicorn190992 earth pony190489 pony826672 unicorn257578 alternate hairstyle23770 balancing922 ballerina890 ballet slippers268 bow23599 braided ponytail210 braided tail974 clothes401046 colorina3 dress38930 ear piercing20865 earring17355 female879839 flower21654 flower in hair6464 hair bun2796 irl62321 jewelry49050 mare404283 necklace14752 octaviarina2 photo70230 piercing33847 ponies in real life4970 raririna26 safferina2 shoes28984 skirt35015 standing9771 standing on one leg388 theater272 tutu996 twilarina305 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113753 vinyllerina2


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