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safe1750255 artist:yakovlev-vad510 edit135889 editor:childofthenight67 nightmare moon17219 princess luna100782 alicorn232864 pony1010337 :<1085 angry28063 blue background5526 boop7600 cheek fluff5925 chest fluff41190 cute205668 duality4374 ear fluff31181 eye contact6603 female1401699 floppy ears54493 frown23561 glare8303 gradient background13398 grin40908 grumpy2594 hoof fluff1987 leg fluff3194 lidded eyes31784 looking at each other21445 lunabetes3637 mare502084 nose wrinkle3070 noseboop2915 pouting2019 s1 luna7409 scrunchy face7257 self ponidox8343 simple background409042 smiling260857 smirk13013 smug6258 spread wings57046 wing fluff1683 wings123069


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