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Pulse Wave
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Busy procrastinating
This kind of looks like a follow-up to the first one or two EqG films before we knew that Sunset had a nice place to stay (and we still don't know where exactly she lives, seeing as she still goes to high school).

I mean, there were certainly questions about where Sunset lived. It was said that the interdimensional mirror only opens every 30 moons which in our world would be two and a half years. This means Sunset would have spent two and a half years in that parallel dimension as basically a teenage orphan who isn't registered anywhere except Canterlot High (which neither Celestia nor Luna has ever questioned, but oh well).

So she had to stay somewhere all that time. This looks like an answer to that question that has been taken up to some point after EqG 1: She has snagged a rusty old bed plus mattress and blanket from the junk and took it to some old abandoned warehouse or something where she hopes to stay unnoticed. Then she got pregnant, maybe even from Flash Sentry before she dumped him, but she didn't know during the events of EqG 1. Even though she technically can't even afford a baby (guess whatever she managed to earn during occasional jobs is barely enough for school supplies and clothes so that nobody notices that she's technically an illegal immigrant living in a warehouse), she decided to have it (hormones messing with her mind etc.), so she also gathered some old, worn-out toys from the trash to have at least something for her kid.

Sure, she could get into contact with Twilight Sparkle via that magical book, but I think she's too proud to let anyone know about her miserable life. And Twilight alone will probably not be able to help her out without involving other townspeople, and be it the other Humane Six.

Good thing the shorts have rendered all this obsolete…
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what was to you scary this pic?

Not the same dude, but there is kind of an eery vibe about this pic. The setting looks kind of dank and the somewhat tattered look of the toys gives off a weird feeling.

Kind of a "I'm happy to be pregnant but I know I'm bringing a child into a life where I can barely provide for them." kind of vibe.