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For those who want to use the vector.
safe1616435 artist:mrkat7214406 applejack162673 fluttershy203079 pinkie pie207559 rainbow dash224133 rarity173846 starlight glimmer45665 twilight sparkle288411 alicorn206224 earth pony216250 pegasus257556 pony884269 unicorn285565 absurd resolution64314 annoyed5170 applejack is not amused614 cute186381 eyes closed84139 grin34657 mane six30391 palette swap1132 pink1022 pinkie pie day43 pronking1032 rainbow dash is not amused490 recolor4070 simple background361497 smiling224675 transparent background187283 twilight is not amused1315 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118420 unamused14639 vector72780


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