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For those who want to use the vector.
safe (1442998)artist:mrkat7214 (211)applejack (149235)fluttershy (185769)pinkie pie (190562)rainbow dash (205536)rarity (159071)starlight glimmer (38768)twilight sparkle (263097)alicorn (166923)earth pony (153195)pegasus (192876)pony (711217)unicorn (209469)absurd resolution (61585)annoyed (4382)applejack is not amused (433)cute (151171)eyes closed (68934)grin (28421)mane six (26828)palette swap (1031)pink (866)pinkie pie day (36)pronking (942)rainbow dash is not amused (299)recolor (3699)simple background (294650)smiling (185907)transparent background (153603)twilight is not amused (935)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (103776)unamused (11503)vector (67166)


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