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NOTE: I did not make these images. All credit goes to the original artist.

Wow! How long has it been since I made one of these? Anyways, enjoy!

Also, in keeping with my tradition, here’s my question to y’all: If you had the chance, which one of these little cuties would you want to adopt?

Let me know in the comments!
safe (1447828)artist:the-butch-x (1250)editor:thomasfan45 (90)apple bloom (44169)diamond tiara (9165)lily pad (equestria girls) (160)scootaloo (47074)silver spoon (5895)sweetie belle (44380)human (132434)equestria girls (162412)equestria girls series (24676)... (1895)adorabloom (2017)angry (20346)apple bloom's bow (743)belt (3706)big grin (86)bleachers (172)blue eyes (3016)boots (16334)bow (19835)bracelet (6824)butch's hello (82)>:c (138):c (458)clothes (362531)collarbone (107)confused (3410)couch (6082)countdown (267)crossed legs (2299)cross-popping veins (1119)curtains (1321)cute (152020)cutealoo (2228)cutie mark crusaders (16502)description is relevant (641)diasweetes (2188)duo (40149)duo female (6057)ear piercing (17258)earring (14625)equestria girls logo (698)female (777086)female trio (1)football field (22)frown (19866)glasses (47824)grass (7024)green eyes (2773)grin (28566)hair bow (10667)hello x (82)jacket (9056)jeans (2560)jewelry (40357)legs (5376)living room (114)looking at you (123548)necklace (12577)open mouth (106361)orange eyes (180)pants (10089)piercing (28949)ponytail (13483)purple eyes (1390)red face (168)shoes (24752)shorts (10450)sitting (46911)skirt (32008)smiling (186729)trio (6157)video game (4087)video game controller (237)wall of tags (1849)waving (2139)

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