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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

the early games of armored core are what make me appreciate the later releases. because in the early games it was hard as fuck to take down bosses. i still find it difficult in ACFA, i have not played AC5 though. that grind blade looks OP. we are all entitled to opinions. in that regard this is what i have to say to you.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I agree with Jackarunda.
If only I got Chromehounds before they shut down the servers.
Hope they make another game like it at some point (or bring the servers up again). Singleplayer was fun, but I was hoping for the incredible multiplaer.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

potato wizard
Forgot to mention that bipeds also had low load limits. They could bear more weight than hovers, but less than wheelies. You usually didn't need much, though. A single group of 3 piles (good ones, Sal-Kar AP piles) would massacre most hounds with a well-placed stab, and both assault rifles and shotguns were lightweight.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

potato wizard
Hounds in CH weren't humanoid in appearance, because a humanoid design is impractical. You could MAKE your hound look humanoid if you want, primarily through the use of a bipedal chassis. You could stick guns on it to look like arms, though they wouldn't move.

Bipedal (moving on two forward-jointed "legs") chassis were a difficult chassis type to use.

As bipeds, they, along with their reverse-jointed cousins, necessarily couldn't be armored very well. Each appendage was required to move at twice the speed of the movement of the hound (think about how walking works), so neither leg could bear much armor. This made bipedals quite weak in terms of ability to sustain and deflect damage.

Bipedals weren't the fastest, though they were up there, only beaten in top speed by wheelies and hovers. Tarakian bipedals could "jog," which made them fairly fast, and Sal-Kar bipedals practically leapt from foothold to foothold when running.

Bipedals always took a large time-hit from being struck by weapons fire. Bipedal walking is a complicated process, and being struck by weapons disrupts that, causing a great deal of interruption which must be reset through lack of motion and restabilization. If you were using bipedals, your best bet is to not get hit.

All bipedal models had extraordinarily high energy consumption rates. Each appendage had three joints, and one of the joints was a ball-axis. You either needed a high-performance generator or low-energy consuming other systems to put up with the energy demands. Sal-Kar bipedals were infamous for being the highest energy consumers in the game, what with the way they would practically fly over the terrain on each step.

Bipeds always had poor stability. To counter this, your chassis-cockpit joint couldn't be allowed to transfer the recoil from weapons fire or the shock force from explosions to the chassis (or else it would fall over), so your aim would fly all over the damn place. People with bipeds tended to stay away from cannons and large groups of shotguns, unless of course you're a crazy fucker that somehow found a way to center the recoil force.

What did all this badness get you for using bipeds?
Absolutely unparalleled maneuvering capabilities.
Each leg could step in any direction within 180 degrees to the front of the chassis, and could step as far and as high as needed. If you ever got in close with bipeds on another hound, you could play with them by stepping in every direction, always staying out of their weapons' lines of fire. You could also mount obstacles fairly easily. Combined with a high top speed, this made experienced biped users a force to be reckoned with. The asians were notorious for running assault rifles on bipeds, which would ping you to death in an extremely annoying manner. There was one type of build that ran a single cannon underNEATH the chassis' anchor point, between the legs, that worked because it centered the cannon's recoil force, thus allowing the user to fire the thing accurately. This was called the Penis Gun, because the cannon stuck out front from between the hounds legs. Using bipeds with a high-performance turning motor always made for a fearsome CQB hound that could kill even in tightly packed cities. Many hounds lost their cockpits to guerilla-like pilots with massive pile groups patrolling the cities like fucking predators, stepping in between buildings and skewering from random directions. Many hounds also lost against shotgunning bipeds, dancing just within effective weapon range, turning on a dime every so often, keeping your shots form hitting, all the while knocking everything off your hound with clouds of shot.

And this is just one chassis type. I could go on and on. Chomehounds was so amazing.