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Everyone's unique hug animation. Except Paprika's clone, none of them are happy about it.
safe1613422 arizona cow1031 fhtng th§ ¿nsp§kbl272 oleander1013 paprika paca774 pom lamb604 tianhuo524 velvet reindeer1179 alpaca846 classical unicorn3813 cow3044 deer4822 lamb489 longma546 reindeer1729 sheep1385 unicorn284360 them's fightin' herds3910 adorable distress460 affection142 bandana4937 bear hug108 cloven hooves9161 community related3724 cute185869 derp6437 female1283954 game screencap1435 hape359 hug26124 leonine tail7468 no pupils3643 puppy565 squeezing431 unshorn fetlocks22369 varying degrees of do not want10 varying degrees of want669


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