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Well, in our capital city the weather can change in literally minutes.

You could go out for a sunny day and all of a sudden it could start raining.

Or maybe you could be prepared for a hurricane, but in a matter of minutes the clouds go away and the sun strikes with everything it has.

So yeah, not very normal weather.

We're used to it tho XD


Heavy Weapons Guy: YAAAAAAAAAH!

Demoman: HAVE AT 'EM, LADS!

Scout: Go, go, go!

Sniper: Get bloody goin'!

Pyro: (muffled battle cry)

Medic: Schnell! Raus, raus!


Spy: Incoming!
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Spooky-Niner, this is Draco-6!! Requesting immediate air support on 50 meters east from our position!! DANGER CLOSE PERMITTED!!

Copy that, Draco-6! I advise you fall back to base! ETA of incoming splash attack will commence in 1 minute!

thaaat isn't how global warming works. there would be snowy winters. but the problem is they would be snowy winters of more weather extremes, heavier snow and colder nights.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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how long before snow is banned in tv and movies cause of global warming and people don't want to reminded of what was lost?