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if Twilight and Spike had outfits
Colortura dosent count but she does look good with AppleJack
safe (1459740)artist:a4r91n (146)artist:dragonchaser123 (385)artist:jhayarr23 (748)applejack (150525)coloratura (2525)fluttershy (187373)pinkie pie (192299)rainbow dash (207183)rarity (160441)spike (69987)twilight sparkle (265603)alicorn (170331)sparkle's seven (1464)spoiler:s09e04 (1457)alternate hairstyle (21795)apple chord (77)armor (19327)canterlot (4104)clothes (366390)detective rarity (532)dress (35918)female (786714)gangster (109)hat (67117)lesbian (84245)mane seven (5045)mane six (27157)megaradash (194)musical instrument (6030)piñata (218)pinkñata (17)rainbow dash always dresses in style (1402)rarajack (186)shipping (168610)sword (9638)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105141)weapon (23660)

not provided yet


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OP, you need to start tagging artists and adding sources to your images. You can’t just take random people’s works, combine them and upload the results without telling anyone whose images you took.

I tracked down two of the images you used:

You need to do the rest. I can’t do it because there are multiple possibilities and I don’t know which ones you used.
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Very funny about how Twilight and spike look very cool looking and Rara and Applejack look stunning together and Rarity well she looked very mischievous and Pinkie Pie is Well very funny looking but cute and Fluttershy looks cute as well and Rainbow Dash is so dressy you know what they say Rainbow Dash always dresses in style and she does look like the princess Megara!
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