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safe1598367 artist:meiyeezhu338 sci-twi22162 twilight sparkle285833 human145085 equestria girls184932 anime4873 buttons272 cannon800 cannonball60 cloud28072 cloudy5971 comic102235 control panel7 destroyed102 dodge132 ear piercing22511 exclamation point3397 female1271346 firing50 gauges272 glasses55772 humanized95667 launch38 launcher6 lever72 levitation10860 lifeboat13 lifejacket1426 magic67274 map1240 missed it by that much7 mortar34 muzzle flash41 ocean5639 old master q486 panel215 parody15282 periscope21 piercing36047 ponytail16115 question mark4101 reference3913 ship1177 sinking340 smiling220704 snorkel422 solo990844 steering wheel139 submarine101 sunken ship7 telekinesis25092 thumb tacks7 torpedo20 tube191 unexpected122 usa flag11 water11798 window7556 yacht115 yoke309


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Background Pony #81B8
I thought this was a Master Q parody comic not a Spy vs. Spy parody comic
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