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Derpy, Lyra Heartstrings, and retired secret agent Sweetie Drops Bon-Bon
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all for hobby
This I saw. And speaking of that you reminded me of something. Has anyone noticed that twilight’s mother is more radical than reinbow dash? and stopping to think I didn’t see many arts representing this side of her.
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Rice pone
So. if the parents of mane six didn’t get old age marks why are the characters now getting?

Pie parents have them. Starlight’s dad, Sunburst’s mom, Auntie Lofty, and Spoiled Rich all have them. There’s a few other characters that have them as well, the show doesn’t feature characters of that age range very often.
Background Pony #5664
And then Fallout Equestria happens… there’s no happy ending anymore, just darkness.
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Background Pony #11F2
When Peach Fuzz was a baby, she used to cry and she burped. And then when Peach Fuzz was a toddler, she tried to walk and trot and she talks. And when Peach Fuzz was a kid, she runs and talks again. And Peach Fuzz was a teenager, she used to talk again. And now, Peach Fuzz was older now!
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Background Pony #F45D
Look, the adult version of that colt Dumbbell’s recolour! The fact he doesn’t share Dumbbell’s build as an adult can be used as a good example of how Li’l Cheese probably won’t remain a recolour of her mom when she grows up.
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