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I got myself hyped to make Pinkie's hype feel more authentic.

My writing speed immediately increased tenfold. And became chicken-scratch.
safe1616574 artist:dziadek1990423 pinkie pie207586 twilight sparkle288424 the big mac question1005 adorkable3339 atari75 atari 260065 bait and switch599 biting3449 breakfast351 breakfast in bed48 cake9206 charades30 conversation630 cuddling7902 cute186408 dance club12 dance dance revolution134 dialogue61034 dork3592 egg3631 emote story414 emotes578 engagement27 excited2756 female1286819 food64347 heterosexual26 implied big macintosh349 implied bon bon105 implied carrot cake38 implied cup cake16 implied lesbian3153 implied lily8 implied lyra106 implied lyrabon106 implied pound cake14 implied pumpkin cake7 implied shipping4562 implied sugar belle34 implied sugarmac48 lesbian91912 marriage1157 muffin6247 nerd864 nerdgasm42 pancakes1247 pitfall15 raisins27 reddit825 shipping188445 slice of life1311 spooning554 sprinkles308 text53613 tongue bite261


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