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Twilight Sparkle×KIMONO #MyLittlePony #マイリトルポニー #着物コーデ
safe1615193 artist:chizuru_mickey7 twilight sparkle288257 human146477 anime4981 anime style498 book31504 boots19790 clothes425793 ear piercing23143 earring18945 female1285793 gloves18218 hakama21 hand8118 haori4 hat79489 humanized96420 jewelry55252 kimono (clothing)1072 looking at you152527 piercing36950 shoes32225 smiling224423 solo1003368 umbrella2491


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Background Pony #9943
It was in like the early 1900s when Japan itself was almost like a real life Steampunk/Dieselpunk world with people still wearing kimono's and doing traditional Japanese things while living alongside steam trains, big Battleships, telegraph, early motor cars and a smartly dressed army equipped with Machine Guns and Howitzers