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safe (1448858)artist:lilith1light (21)cozy glow (4572)princess flurry heart (5621)alicorn (168078)pegasus (194898)pony (716046)a better ending for cozy (49)cozybetes (400)cozyheart (5)cute (152163)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2643)eyes closed (69310)female (777601)filly (51755)flurrybetes (608)flurryglow (27)good end (477)hug (22962)lesbian (83396)mare (346195)older (19451)older cozy glow (107)older flurry heart (644)shipping (167146)


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Background Pony #7D6C
the Alicorn of the endtimes and the evil mastermind in love. shure, together they will bring the end to all magic.
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Background Pony #35D0
Hahahaha. No. Cozy wouldn’t want to be that kind of ’friend’. You don’t seem to get Cozy’s character. She doesn’t want ’friends’, she wants to control ponies and what is easiest way? By pretending you are their friend. She is a manipulative mastermind. Not just some kid. She could care less about real friendship.
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