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Scarlett the WITCH!! She'll put a spell on you~
@Ninonsand 's OC, the absolute treasure ♥ She looks so good in this pose and I am so happy with the colors and the shading!!!!

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safe1708280 artist:cadetredshirt420 oc685793 oc only449397 pegasus292495 pony969407 broom1714 clothes460283 costume27462 dress44607 flying38210 flying broomstick732 full moon3442 halloween8199 halloween costume1713 hat86991 holiday20146 looking at you168944 moon23492 night26402 nightmare night4702 nightmare night costume1574 one eye closed30822 smiling249009 socks66444 solo1065495 stars15640 striped socks21433 two toned mane1309 two toned tail365 wink24788 witch2373 witch costume243 witch hat3030 ych example3187 ych result21409


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