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Smug green filly with an Infinity Gauntlet. Drawn by Anonymous.
safe (1484729) artist:dankflank (403) oc (555648) oc:filly anon (2131) pony (763560) /mlpol/ (437) avengers (341) bust (34573) crystal (2087) face (1462) female (809612) filly (54245) infinity gauntlet (185) magic (60541) meme (75280) omnipotence (1) portrait (26210) smiling (193570) thanos (180) xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2142)


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16 comments posted
Background Pony #1D92
she a try to recreate the infinity gauntlet after she a watch the last avengers!

Twilight say* You watch movie to much!*

Rarity is mad for she a steal gem from her and mitten!