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Pinkie Pie: “See, what had happened was…”
safe1768520 screencap231245 max steele91 pinkie pie221733 sunset shimmer65425 equestria girls209657 equestria girls series35748 sunset's backstage pass!2564 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15052 batter272 boots23305 clothes482132 duo66153 duo female12295 female1417338 food74057 food cart25 geode of sugar bombs2323 legs8938 lying on the ground152 magical geodes10285 male393582 music festival outfit794 night27819 open mouth157903 outdoors11960 pantyhose3516 property damage288 puffed pastry's churro stand15 security guard201 shoes39539 smiling266305 sneakers5314


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