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Forgot the ponytail, not that much of it's showing.
safe1557699 artist:cheezedoodle96794 applejack157401 earth pony191637 pony828823 .svg available7345 boop bait11 bust39447 close-up5257 cute173807 female881885 hooves on the table148 jackabetes4994 looking at you140977 mare405469 missing accessory7362 part of a set9264 peekaboo165 peeking593 portrait28151 simple background338681 solo961141 straw in mouth799 svg3134 this will end in boops16 transparent background176519 vector70631 wide eyes16042


not provided yet


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Background Pony #9280
So fuckin' cute. Making it into a CoD emblem is the least I can do to share the appul love.