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Getting ready for the cold weather!
safe1750389 artist:rainbow eevee812 ocellus5446 changedling8790 changeling49810 adorkable3584 blushing204633 clothes475954 cozy202 cute205688 diaocelles1059 dork3863 female1401773 open mouth154312 scarf23856 simple background409094 smiling260895 solo1094320 sticker1600 text62179 transparent background208809


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Wouldn't Ocellus be too timid for zombie movies?

Or I suppose she might be questioning the logic of them all throughout. (The rest is Spoilered for being grotesque) "Do they really need to eat brains? Why? How can those badly rotted teeth possibly crack through a skull to even taste brains? And while there's that line of thought to follow, here's another trail; How can they eat so much pony flesh and not have their rotted stomachs burst out in a gory mess?…."