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Chrysalis’s pony disguise really needs more art. (Apparently her name is Crackle Cosette, but I’m not changing the name of the model.)

I don’t normally find harassment funny. But add Zephyr Breeze and Chrysalis and it becomes VERY funny. OMG MOAR POEMS!
suggestive (116499)artist:pika-robo (314)crackle cosette (211)queen chrysalis (29997)zephyr breeze (1867)3d (53124)bad touch (639)butt grab (1988)butt touch (2216)disguised changeling (1916)flirting (1187)green text (9)grope (9483)now you fucked up (267)personal space invasion (539)red eyes take warning (123)sexual harassment (157)simple background (299563)source filmmaker (31781)squeak (164)this will end in a gelding (1)this will end in death (1767)this will end in tears (2725)this will end in tears and/or death (1948)too dumb to live (171)transparent background (155971)


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Background Pony #2C7B
Semi-grimdark? Sure, Zephyr just touching Crackle Cosette/Chrysalis there is kind of wrong, but I’m not sure I’d tag this that.
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