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Chrysalis's pony disguise really needs more art. (Apparently her name is Crackle Cosette, but I'm not changing the name of the model.)

I don't normally find harassment funny. But add Zephyr Breeze and Chrysalis and it becomes VERY funny. OMG MOAR POEMS!
safe1615767 artist:pika-robo331 crackle cosette257 queen chrysalis33384 shutterbug217 zephyr breeze2143 changeling42974 pegasus257321 pony883540 unicorn285288 3d67762 bad touch715 butt grab2317 butt touch3339 disguise4274 disguised changeling2403 flirting1366 green text14 grope11822 molestation1672 non-consensual butt fondling26 now you fucked up290 personal space invasion742 red eyes take warning138 sexual harassment174 simple background361233 source filmmaker41141 squeak189 this will end in a gelding1 this will end in death2237 this will end in tears3182 this will end in tears and/or death2191 too dumb to live211 transparent background187147


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I'd imagine this could end with him getting repeatedly slammed against the ground and walls with magic, and maybe some bites… optimistically.

"Optimistically" meaning if he's getting out alive, so "optimistically" for him.
Background Pony #BBC4
Key word's "used to be", but im still rooting for his chances here. lol
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Background Pony #BAD1
Semi-grimdark? Sure, Zephyr just touching Crackle Cosette/Chrysalis there is kind of wrong, but I'm not sure I'd tag this that.
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