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From the Pen of Cloperella:

*Themes I will NOT write about:
-Gore for the sake of writing something uncomfortable, torture, rape or anything non-consensual— basically anything malicious or mean spirited. I’m willing to write dark or sad stories, but it has to have some kind of uplifting message by the end of the story, not just dark/sad for the sole sake of being dark/sad.

-No foot fetish, impreg, mpreg (lel), sneezing, gangbang, degradation (example: making a character a “whore/slut” because it’s hot). No memes or generally idiotic stories for the sake of being stupid.

-No OC X Canon stories. I don't mind writing stories about OC's, but I'm not shipping them with canon characters. Also, I'm not writing a story with only OC's, I'd rather focus on the main characters of a franchise.

I reserve the right to refuse a story idea even if it’s not listed in the above statements. As of right now, I'm only opening myself to 4 story slots. Feel free to contact me through the following:


Please people, is not for me, is for Cloperella. He does amazing stories, and im sure that with his talents, he can help YOU to create incredible stories as well. Contact him in the links above. Please, lets help an artist in need.
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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

I remember when my roof started failing. was pretty terrifying, because once the moisture gets in you get the mold…

$5 for 100 words is quite reasonable btw. this article says mid-tier professional ghostwriters might charge 50¢ a word, which is $50 for a 100 words. you might want to consider "Fiverr, Upwork, Guru or other freelance websites" though you wouldn't be writing about pony most likely.

this has more advice from that lady on ghostwriting.