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i love drawing this dum horse so much it’s not even funny kdkdd
so yeah im already in the halloween spirit but since it’s still too early, drawing trixie was my easiest outlet cause she’s got that bitchy witchy vibe
love her for that 💙
safe (1428251)artist:wanderingpegasus (137)trixie (56015)pony (697346)unicorn (202970)abstract background (9239)cape (7631)clothes (355403)cloven hooves (7370)curved horn (4663)cutie mark (33890)female (759311)hat (64683)horn (26059)looking at you (120356)mare (334794)open mouth (104090)running (4617)smiling (183018)solo (875431)trixie's cape (2875)trixie's hat (3533)unshorn fetlocks (18612)


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