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As Long as it is clear that morality is Always shifting and changeing.
Within my Lifetime the left has gone from multicultural to racistdivisionistic. How they can Claim to be for inclusivity at this Point is beyond me.

Yay, more ponies.
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I believe it still falls under the wrong category, essentially two wrongs don’t make a right. Preventing something that is wrong by doing something less wrong is still wrong just less, you can also be held accountable for actions you did not take but had the opportunity to do so.

But enough debate about morality, quite a bit of it can get grey and cause a lot of flame war stuff, let’s just enjoy ponies eh?
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@Background Pony #278F
XD A Moral priest Talking About what is moral or inmmoral. Entertain me:

If you buying a persons life, owning now their sins and crimes as your own, factually enslaving that Person;
is the only way to safe that persons life from their pursuers.

Is it immoral to to enslave the Person or is it immoral to let the Person die?
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Background Pony #CE08
The Bible isn’t even close to that! The Bible gives people traumatizing fear of Hell, and the Bible is full of immorality like slavery and sexism.
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