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Another set of overwatch characters, Mei and Junkrat as ponies. They're my otp from the series.
The top sketch is just Junkrat giving Mei a speedy lift, and the bottom sketches are sketchy stickers for my own personal use on Amino.
safe1751160 artist:the-blackeye75 earth pony266197 pony1011174 unicorn342534 :p9464 amputee4867 crossover63824 curved horn7186 female1402430 grin40970 happy32196 horn77724 junkrat50 male388220 mare502461 mei95 overwatch1568 peg leg224 ponies riding ponies2496 ponified42009 prosthetic leg934 prosthetic limb3089 prosthetics3597 riding7609 shipping205717 simple background409349 sketch64562 sketch dump3031 smiling261177 stallion115808 straight140374 teeth10502 tongue out108316 white background102531


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