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Hey everyone^^  
This commission took me a little longer than I intended it to, but still it’s finished now for Zeomak aka VisualPony^^ It’s a Thumbnail for a new Reading of his over on his YouTube channel!
Though not knowing the story myself, I can imagine it to be crazy/funny/interesting since what I was told from the commissioner was kinda sweet to work with. I better should not spoil anything for you here except for the fact that Fluttershy and Discord seem to be up for some shenanigans
I always end up wondering about my own style from time to time whenever I draw my detailed shading style in digital illustrations. They take a while to make and also it’s kind of a mystery how the result will look in the end XD I can never tell what the outcome will look like due to the multiple layers building up a whole in the end unlike cellshaded images where you have an idea of what the result will be. Still, I don’t think it turned out too bad. Besides, I really like Celestia here and Fluttershy as well Especially her expression hehe.
What was a little more challenging was the background for the left image of these two splitted pictures. I had to look up some backgrounds from the show to re-create the inside of Fluttershy’s cottage. I think I managed somehow
Thanks again to Visual for commissioning me and for being so patient, I more than appreciate that and your overall support^^ <3
Really hope you like it!
Time: Around 5 Hours
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