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Parents — Cheerilee & Big Mac

Male / Earth pony
- easy-going, nurturing, adventurous
- is easily impressed
- going to work at the Apple farm like his father

Female / Earth pony
- decisive, imaginative, rebellious
- purrs when she's in a good mood and hisses when annoyed or stressed
- becomes a teacher or a writer, not sure which

I usually don't draw any of my headcanon kids for them ponies but eehhh tonight I was in the mood for some reason. Cheerimac was the easiest for me to start from, probs gonna do more of these in the future. ouo
safe1615263 artist:zetapold28 oc626838 oc only418164 oc:cortland24 oc:honeycrisp135 earth pony215804 pony882941 bow25817 brother and sister3807 cutie mark43828 duo52811 female1285863 male343706 offspring35359 parent:big macintosh2792 parent:cheerilee378 parents:cheerimac261 siblings7117 simple background361037 tail bow5013 white background90284


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